Annual Juried Art + Design Student Exhibition

Fine Arts Center Gallery 
    Every year our Department invites an artist to select works in all media for inclusion to our Annual Art + Design Department Exhibition. The juror this year was Marina Kuchinski, a ceramic artist and Professor at the College of DuPage who presented her work in our Gallery early this year.  
The exhibition was scheduled to take place between mid March and April. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances the installation was delayed, but it has finally been installed and will remain on view for the duration of the Spring 2021 semester. 

We wanted to know what Kim Ambriz thought of the Exhibition in relation to the unforseen circumstances, and here are her thoughts!
"As far as the show, we did think it was important to install it, no matter how long it took. We will have the individual images on the department website with accompanying info (artist names, titles of works, etc.) There is a lot to say about everything but as far as this show, it was so great to put it up and see the strength and variety of work in the exhibition.
There are a few people missing though, since they picked up their work before install: Jennifer Kling, Hannah Kabat, and Brandi Nevarez (had a GIF piece that isn't installed). All three will still be featured on the NEIU Art + Design Community website."  
Stephanie Suba & Leigh Vargas 

We also got in touch with two of the Juried Show participants, and this is what they shared with us:

Tracy Evans, Bee Comfortable in Your Own Skin,
Mixed Media, 2020
"I loved the video! I do wish I could go and see all the work in person, but I appreciate everyone's, especially Kim's diligence in putting on the show. It made me feel like my participation was important. I really, really appreciated the amount of effort that was put into the show, video, everything." - Tracy Evans
Hannah Kabat
Momma, Look at Me!, Oil on Canvas, 2019

"I was so excited that my painting was chosen to be in this show before I was set to graduate. Obviously, the pandemic changed plans for everyone this year. 
While I miss the gatherings and celebrations, I know keeping distance is for the best. Regardless, I am so honored to be a part of the show amongst some talented artists. I cannot wait to see it in its "virtual" format!
My painting, "Momma, Look at Me", depicts two elephants: one in its circus attire, chained to its unnatural job, while the young elephant naturally plays in a puddle of mud. The landscape is set in the deserts Arizona, and neither elephant belongs there. The sense of unbelonging is seen not only through where the elephants are, but what they are doing."
- Hannah Kabat If you haven't watched the video we created of the Juried Exhibition head over to @neiuart on Instagram or check out our Exhibition page in the NEIU Art + Design Community Website! Written by Jackie Sanchez. Dec 20, 2020


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