Design in Nature: A transcendent Design Experience


Stephanie Suba 
    You have probably seen some breathtaking pictures of Graphic Design students creating in nature through social media... If not, go follow them on Instagram! @neiu_gd_bfa

Our Art + Design Department offered a completely new experience to our students this semester through their STAM 203 Design in Nature class. In words of Erik Cruz who is a current Design student, "STAM is an interesting way for Biology majors to dive into Graphic Design, and Graphic Design majors to get into Biology. It opened my eyes into realizing how much the world is changing as of now, and had made me more aware of what we as people have got to do to help the planet." 

I spoke to Stephanie Suba who took STAM class this semester with Professor Meranda and Dr. Reinke, here's what she said: 
"In the beginning of the semester I was worried about meeting in person because of the situation with Covid. We met outside of campus every Friday but only for 8 weeks and had classes in parks close to our campus. 
I enjoyed the class and had the opportunity to explore nature and create bio-inspired works. So far we made masks, lamps, and nature installations. I had fun making them, and others did too. It just sucked that sometimes we couldn't meet in person and had to critique each other's work through zoom.
The weather was harsh on us when we would have meet, one time we had to do work outside while it was a little drizzling, another time it was so cold, but other than that it was an enjoyable experience!" 

As seen in the following pictures, the pandemic did not prevent our students from having a good time while learning about the importance of the environment and incorporating nature to Design.
Take a look at our students in action and their amazing projects! Don't forget to leave your comments below! 

Photo Credits: Stephanie Suba 
Special thanks to Erik Cruz and Stephanie Suba for sharing their pictures and experience with us! 


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