Fall 2020 Senior Exhibitions

Katelyn Krabacher's Solo Exhibition 

    For the past 2 weeks our Senior graduates finally had the opportunity to put their shows up. Even when not all students will get to see them in person, and Solo Exhibitions have been unlike any others, our Department is doing their best to create a virtual exhibition experience for everyone to enjoy. These virtual exhibitions can be found by clicking Here. Please note that some shows are still in the process of being put up, photographed, and filmed so some of the shows will be empty links. Please check back soon for the other shows when they are up!

Janno Juguilon's Solo Exhibition

From large scale sculptures to painting, and drawing, our Seniors have proved their efforts, and while we might not be able to see their shows in person or listen to their artist talks, here are some of their thoughts in regards to their show:
"There's a lot of feelings. I don't think I'm surprising anyone by saying it was disappointing. Having a proper solo exhibition was something I really looked forward to during my time at NEIU. Covid definitely didn't allow that to happen the way I had intended. It was very difficult to sculpt in quarantine. I planned on making an installation in the gallery in addition to the sculptures, but had to drop it due to the lack of funds. My show was delayed 6 months and the school didn't allow a reception. While I am sad that I lost out on that experience, I am grateful that I was able to install it. Seeing FTV on display in the Impact Gallery allowed me to have some closure. I'm happy it's done and I look forward to creating new work! I think this experience will just make my next proper show all the more enjoyable." - Tracey Roth 

"While I'm sad about my loved ones and peers not being able to see my show in person. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see the show set up in the way I originally imagined. One thing I have learned in my short 30 years on this planet is that you can't have any expectations for anything. You just have to make the best of every situation handed to you. I feel really proud of my fellow classmates who all did that, they took a disappointing situation and still found a way to make and show their art. " - Katelyn Krabacher 

Tracey Roth's Solo Exhibition

Sara Galvan Orozco's Solo Exhibition

Congratulations to our Senior graduates! We hope to keep in touch and see more of their work in the future. Stay tuned for more Art + Design community updates & blog entries, if you'd like to share something with us related to your art practice do not hesitate to contact us at: neiuartanddesigncommunity@gmail.com 


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